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  1. gungho

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    Hi admin minh moi mua 30 ngay account premium cua Subyshare ,ho noi mk co the download 40gb 1 ngay >nhung that ra chi download dc co 15gb roi k down dc nua mk co lien lac nhung ho k tra loi
  2. gungho

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    co ai hon nay download from Subyshare dc k ?(
    Software error:
    HTML::Template->param() : You gave me an odd number of parameters to param()! at Modules/ line 3

    For help, please send mail to this site's webmaster, giving this error message and the time and date of the error.) stu sang toi gio k download dc gi ca k biet tai sao ? co ai biet xin chi giup gium mk voi

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