Tướng Quân Yi Shun Shin - Immortal Admiral Yi Sun Shin 2004 33/33 DVD RIP USLT

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    Drama: Immortal Admiral Yi Sun Shin
    Revised romanization: Bulmyeolui Yi Sun Shin
    Hangul: 불멸의 이순신
    Director: Han Joon-Seo, Lee Sung-Joo, Kim Jung-Kyu
    Assistant Director: Song Hyun-Wook
    Writer: Jang Gee-Chang, Park Young-Suk, Yoon Sun-Joo, Yoon Young-Su


    Kim Myung Min as Lee Soon Shin
    Lee Jae Ryong as Yoo Sung Ryong
    Choi Chul Ho as King Seonjo
    Choi Jae Sung as Won Gyun
    Ahn Yeon Hong as Hong Yi
    Kim Gyu Chul

    Admiral Yi Sun-shin, who led the Joseon Navy to a myth of invincibility during the Hideyoshi invasion, was a true soldier and leader who struggled to protect people. Drama Yi Sun-shin is not a biography of Admiral Yi Sun-shin, nor does it inetnd to reconstruct a part of the Joseon Dynasty that existed in the 16th century. This drama will merely look into many human beings, incliuding Yi Sun-shin, who underwent an extreme situation. It is not just a historical drama series. It’s rather about human nature that makes both of the war and peace. It is a Korean version of “War and Peace” in 21st century. No hero has ever been sent by heaven. He has emerged as one ultimately after undergoing a lifelong process. Drama Yi Sun-shin is designed to shed a new light upon him as a human being

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