USLT, FFVN, LT and what is GOTV?

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  1. Canuck21

    Canuck21 Member

    Can anyone please explain what are the difference between USLT, FFVN and LT? If possible, explain the companies behind the dubbing if you know the details. Basically everything you know about Vietnamese dubbing. Also, I often see GOTV. What does that mean? Feel free to reply in Vietnamese, I'll use a translator. Thank you.
  2. Tinhsau

    Tinhsau Member

    As I know uslt is Vietnamese dubbed in the US. LT is short cut for lồng tiếng, whis dub.

    ffvn is Vietnamese dubbed in Vietnam. I don’t know about gotv.
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  3. Canuck21

    Canuck21 Member

    Is LT dubbing with a single voice?
  4. thienmi17

    thienmi17 New Member

    No, LT (long tieng) is dubbed with multiple/different voices and thuyet minh (TM) is the one that is dubbed with a single voice.
    USLT (aka US Long Tieng)="dubbed in the US"
    VNLT and FFVN="dubbed in Vietnam"
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  5. Canuck21

    Canuck21 Member

    So what makes LT different than USLT or FFVN/VNLT? Is LT used when we don't know where the dub comes from?
  6. thienmi17

    thienmi17 New Member

    Generally, LT itself means dubbing but people add US or VN to LT to let us know the country where the movies and TV series are dubbed in. Nowadays, it seems like all of the new movies and TV series are dubbed in Vietnam (the country) and not so much in the US (USLT) so when they write LT or VNLT we automatically know that they are dubbed in Vietnam (the country). Fafilm Viet Nam dub mostly TVB TV series in Vietnam (the country) and not a lot of movies or TV series from other countries such as Taiwan and Singapore.
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  7. Canuck21

    Canuck21 Member

    I see. Thank you so much for the clarification.
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  8. seeyoucme

    seeyoucme Member

    LT means dubbing, not thuyet minh which one person voice reads the entire scripts lol. Back to old days, there were LT and FFVN. LT is USLT in California, usa. FFVN is dubbing in Vietnam country. All the people who did all the dubbing in california, Usa are old and retired, so now we only have VNLT which is dubbing in Vietnam country. I hope all these messages can clear out your confusion :)
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  9. Canuck21

    Canuck21 Member

    Yes, it's clearer thank you. Now anyone knows about GOTV? What does it mean?
  10. Master88

    Master88 Demon Group

    GOTV is video soucre web-dl like DVD RIP, DVD soure v.v.v .
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  11. Canuck21

    Canuck21 Member

    I'm very familiar with the scene naming convention of American/Western movies/shows (like the below examples) but I've never seen GOTV before. Is GOTV a specific steaming service like AMZN or Netflix or is it a TV channel or an app?

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  12. Rngk001

    Rngk001 Member

    GoTV allows watching live TV channels on your iPhone or iPad. Add a link to a M3U playlist or paste it to the app and watch online TV. IPTV technology allows you to watch live TV from your cable provider or free live TV channels wherever you are. With this app you can watch your favourite sports team or music channel while you are on the train or while you lay on the beach. You only need an internet connection.
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  13. Canuck21

    Canuck21 Member

    Thank you for the explanation.
  14. Rngk001

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    anytime, Canuck21 - and I hope you'll enjoy new 2021 short NHL season :p:D;):):rolleyes:
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    he he see you on Jan 20th :):p:D:rolleyes:
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